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  • Core Muscle Injury

    Core Muscle Injury Conditions

    Core muscle injuries are tears or a series of micro-tears that occur in these muscle groups.

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  • Stress Fractures of the Hip

    Stress Fractures of the Hip Conditions

    Stress fractures of the hip are a break in the upper part of the thigh bone (femur) that fits into the socket of the hip joint.

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  • Hip Injury

    Hip Injury Conditions

    The hip joint is prone to several types of injuries. Common ones include Fracture, Bursitis, Dislocation...

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  • Hip Pain

    Hip Pain Conditions

    Hip pain, one of the common complaints, may not always be felt precisely over the hip joint rather in and around the hip joint.

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  • Snapping Hip Syndrome

    Snapping Hip Syndrome Conditions

    Snapping hip syndrome is a condition in which you hear or feel a snapping sound in the hip when you swing your legs, run, walk or...

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  • Avascular Necrosis

    Avascular Necrosis Conditions

    Avascular necrosis, also called osteonecrosis, is a condition in which bone death occurs because of inadequate blood supply to it.

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  • Hip Dislocation

    Hip Dislocation Conditions

    Hip dislocation occurs when the head of the femur moves out of the socket.

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  • Subtrochanteric Hip Fracture

    Subtrochanteric Hip Fracture Conditions

    A subtrochanteric hip fracture is a break between the lesser trochanter and the area approximately 5 centimeters below the lesser trochanter.

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  • Osteoarthritis of the Hip

    Osteoarthritis of the Hip Conditions

    Osteoarthritis, also called degenerative joint disease, is the most common form of arthritis. It occurs most often in the elderly.

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  • Inflammatory Arthritis of the Hip

    Inflammatory Arthritis of the Hip Conditions

    The inflammation of the joints is referred to as arthritis. Inflammation arises when the smooth lining called cartilage at the...

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  • Partial Hamstring Tears

    Partial Hamstring Tears Conditions

    Partial hamstring tears occur when one or more of these muscles get overstretched, strained, or pulled.

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  • Hamstring Injuries

    Hamstring Injuries Conditions

    Hamstring injuries occur when these muscles are strained or pulled. They are common in dancers and athletes of all sorts...

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  • Hip Implants

    Hip Implants Conditions

    Hip implants are artificial devices that form the essential parts of the hip joint in a hip replacement surgery.

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